About Kallpod

Kallpod is a customizable platform that dramatically improves communication and operational flow for the healthcare industry. Kallpod connects two or more parties to one another in a silent, wireless and direct way in dental & medical offices as well as nursing homes & assisted living facilities.

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How It Works

With the push of a 1, 3, or 6-button Kallpod, a specific message and location are communicated directly to an individual(s) KallWatch or KallBeltClip. The stand-alone platform is fully wireless, has a half-mile range and seamlessly integrates into any new or existing healthcare venue. In an environment where nonverbal communication is critical, the Kallpod platform improves operations and dramatically improves staff efficiency and teamwork.

Patient to Staff

Staff to Staff


Fully Wireless


Kallpod is a fully-wireless platform that can be installed within any healthcare venue and does not interfere with any medical equipment. Simple to add units or modify existing system as everything is wireless.

Increased Staff Efficiency

Staff Efficiency

Because internal teams are able to communicate in real-time, employees are more efficiently able to perform their jobs.

Decreased Waiting Times

Waiting Times

With improved communication, staff are able to cover more patients faster and patients are seen more quickly and never forgotten.

Improved Operational Flow<

Operational Flow

Since each employee within a facility can communicate in real-time, patients are passed from waiting room to nurse to doctor more smoothly and efficiently.

Simple Intallation


For the majority of clients, once the equipment is programmed for a specific venue, installation is done remotely and is extremely simple and intuitive.

Discreet Communication


Silent communication between staff enhances teamwork while creating a more calm and professional atmosphere.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Thanks for making our practice better! The installation was seamless and instantly made us more efficient.”

    Bernard Gross, DDS
    Los Angeles, CA
  • “Kallpod has been the modern solution to an age old problem for us. Since we started using Kallpod in our office, every day has run more smoothly and with less stress. Can't imagine going back to the old way!”

    Michael L. Kleinman, DDS
    Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
    Westside Pediatric Dental Group, Santa Monica, CA

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